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IELTS Speaking Test USA Part 1 Questions

What is your full name?
My name is Carlos Barrera

Can I see your ID?
Yes, here’s my passport.

Where are you from?
I come from a small village in Costa Rica.

Do you work or study?
I’m actually visiting some family members while I wait for acceptance into college here. That’s why I’m doing the IELTS test.

What time of the day is the best for work, in your opinion?
For me, any time is good. In the past I’ve had jobs during the day and at night, it’s no problem. But I prefer to study at night.

Do you think more people have become introverted because of technology?
Yes, and many people are happier now than before. They have lots of things they can do that are interesting and don’t depend on their friends so much for having fun or entertainment.

Would you like to change your mobile phone?
No,not really. I got an iPhone5 last year so I’m happy with it for now.

Can you compare personality traits of people in the past and now.
Okay, so I guess you could say that we have lost a lot of our traditional ways of thinking about things. Some people would say that we were more moral, ethical and conservative in the past than now and that now we are much more permissive and liberal in our views on many things. You can definitely see that here in the USA. But after all, the world has changed a lot recently so it’s natural that our personalities will change with time also, isn’t it?

How might this situation change in the future?
We could probably expect to see further changes in personality traits and behavior as well. Much of the technology being introduced at the moment is changing the way we interact with other people and I’m sure in the future there will be even more innovations which make us question the way we do things at the moment or make us change our behavior.

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