Talk about a married couple you know well, who inspire you: marriage, couples, happiness


Talk about a married couple you know well, who inspire you.

You should say:
  • who they are
  • how you know them
  • why they inspire you
and say what you think their secret to a happy marriage is.


My best friend got married a few years ago, well, actually it’s more like about five years ago now. I’ve known him for almost fifteen years and I’ve known his wife for around seven years now.

They are a typical couple in many aspects, I think; they share some interests but they also have some big differences of opinion now and again. I’ve seen them very much in love, and I’ve witnessed them arguing like cat and dog, but at the end of the day they are happy together.

I believe that one of the most important things they have, as a couple, is they always respect each other, even when they’re disagreeing or fighting about something they feel strongly about.

They also seem to be very good at compromising; giving and taking a little, when things aren’t exactly how they want things to be, and I think this is something which helps them avoid any major problems in their relationship.

They know each other well, but both of them still manage to surprise each other just enough to keep their relationship fresh and interesting. I’ve watched them learn about each other and grow together as a couple and it’s been quite a journey, an inspirational one.

I hope that one day I too can find someone who I gel with as well as they do. They’ve managed to maintain their individual passion, and sense of self-identity, yet managed to cultivate their identity as a couple as well; their relationship is one of the best I’ve ever experienced, and it is truly impressive how good they are together.

It’s difficult to say if they have just ‘one secret’ to their relationship – I’m inclined to believe that it’s a lot of little factors, which independently might not seem very important, but together help them maintain their relationship in such a healthy way.

As I said, they have a lot of respect, for themselves and for each other, a lot of passion, a sense of purpose as a couple, and a strong sense of belonging together and being stronger together – so it’s a combination of things which makes them work so well as a couple.

How would you answer this IELTS speaking Part 2 question about a happy married couple?