Describe a Big Change in Your Life Related to Your Job or Studies

What is your full name?

Where are you from?

Do you work or study at the moment?

What do you do?

Where do you live (in a house or apartment)?

Do you intend to buy a home in the future?

Do you like to travel by bus? Why? Why not?

What kinds of improvements to the public transport sector could be implemented by the government in your country?


Describe a big change in your life related to your job/studies.

You should say:
  • what happened
  • when it happened
  • what you did
and explain what happened after the change.

I've always wondered how a single year, actually less than 365 days, may be able to turn your whole life around. But I think I have come to the conclusion, thanks to a unique and unforgettable experience. It's very simple, but I'm going to start at the beginning.

I was a fourth-year student studying Infant and Primary Education. Indeed, my adventure began four when I started my studies at university, but the course that really marked this stage of my life was the third year of my career when I had the opportunity to go abroad for an academic year, but not to any place but to where I dreamed of going since I was little: to the United States.

The truth was that when I discovered the exact destination it was nothing less than a town lost in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, I did not expect that much, but in the end Cape Girardeau, in Missouri, was quite an adventure.

It all started with paperwork in Spain: visa, looking at residences, medical insurance ..., as well as a million questions that I had no answer. How will it be when I get there? Will I make many friends? Will the Americans be sociable? Will the university be like in the movies? A thousand images went through my head every second, the only thing that was clear to me was that I was going to a university in a lost town called Southeast Missouri State University.

After a boring, long trip, more than 17 hours, we arrived at an airport in which a small plane was waiting for us, in which only eight passengers entered. No, it's no joke, that's where my adventure started. We arrived at the campus and of course, we had two more days full of paperwork, but also to know how to locate and differentiate the buildings, that each had its name and its exact location, but for me they were all the same and seemed to be miles away from each other.

In those early days I also discovered where the famous Starbucks was located, which was one of the most visited sites on campus as a meeting place for students because it is the only place in the USA where to drink a coffee minimally similar to what you can find in Spain on every corner.

The food was also an experience worth telling: I have to say yes, it's true, the university students there only eat chips, pizza, hamburgers and Mexican food. For one season it's fine, but over the months you start to miss the Serrano ham, olive oil and many things from your "home" food.

The good thing is that the great family that we created among the international students was always willing to make us dishes of their own culture. In that university there were not only Americans, but different students in the same situation as me or, what is better, they had already been in that situation of being a novice and were willing to help you at all times.

I tried all kinds of delicacies from all over the world. And, of course, they also had the opportunity to taste Spanish omellete, "that thing that carries eggs and potatoes," as some used to say.

I remember the first day of class in my new university, a new country, a language that, although it was not new, had a different accent that made it almost new. But everything was very simple: lovely teachers, classmates who helped me, interesting subjects that helped me increase my skills and competencies ... and surrounded by the whole atmosphere of a US campus, which seems to never sleep.

After meeting people who end up being your family, visiting unforgettable cities in each holiday period, taking courses that do not exist in Spanish universities or going to bars and realizing that the Spaniards are real partiers, after all the Starbucks cafes, all the adventures, laughter and tears, after all that and much more you realize that the year has passed too fast, that you would like to go back and start this adventure from the beginning. But it is time to return to routine and you see yourself on a plane back to Spain.

That is when you realize that everything has changed, although, in reality, you have changed. You are no longer the same, you are completely different. You like another kind of music, you have become more sociable, you are able to solve problems by yourself, you realize the true definition of the word friend, you get an immense knowledge of cultures and languages ... you need time to settle and return to the Spanish reality and, when you do, you think about going back, you talk with your friends, it is strange that you will not go back, but you know that you have a thousand more adventures to live, a thousand more countries for visiting and a thousand more people to meet.

An adventure like that makes you realize how everything has changed, how your life has been transformed in less than a year. It could even be said that you are a completely different person and that you have many more tools to enjoy your personal life and succeed in the professional world.


Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors?

Has your relationship with your neighbors changed over the years?

Is it better to have young or elderly neighbors?

Have any of your neighbors ever helped you out in a difficult situation?

What changes have occurred in the way children are encouraged to do different things?

Is there a difference between how children are encouraged to do things today and how they were encouraged in the past? What has changed?

How would you answer this IELTS cue card about a person who was helpful?

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