Describe a person who came up with a new idea or invention

IELTS Health Questions | Coronavirus & Covid-19 Sample Answers

Overhearing a Phone Call, Strangers, Bad Behavior, Public Behavior

Work, Weather & Seasons, Outdoor Sports & Activities, Holidays

IELTS: Photos, Chocolates, A person you met recently, Friends, Relationships

IELTS: Current Job, Favorite Fruit, Benefits of Fruit, Reading, E-Books, Good News, Social Networking Sites, National News, International News

IELTS: Drawing, Transport, Studying, Study Techniques, Study Groups, Online Teaching, Classroom Teaching

IELTS: Patience, Pets, Beauty & Fashion, Defining Beauty, Celebrities

IELTS: Sunglasses, Spending Habits, Work, Help You Received, Owning Things, Materialism

IELTS: Describe a Time When You Were/Felt Angry

IELTS: Space Travel, Dictionaries, Old People, Spending Time with Family, Family Activities,

IELTS: Asking Directions, Talkative Person, Communication Skills, Negotiating, Where You Live, Favorite Room, Childhood, School, Best Teacher, Maps