Historic Places & Buildings | IELTS Speaking Test Questions

Part 3 IELTS Speaking Questions | Historic Places

  • Why do people visit historical places?
  • Do you think reading about a historical place has any advantages over actually visiting it?
  • What types of historic places do people in your country most often visit?
  • How do you promote historical places in your country?

Historic Buildings

  • Do many people in your country visit historical buildings?
  • In general, what types of historical buildings do most people visit?
  • Why do they visit these buildings?
  • What do people learn from visiting these buildings?
  • What gives people the idea of visiting a historical building? (Or: Where do they get information about historical buildings?)
  • What kinds of people like to visit historic buildings?
  • What do you think are the differences between actually visiting a historic place and reading about it in a book (or seeing pictures of it on the internet)?
  • Do you think people should have to pay to visit these historic buildings?
  • Do you think these historic buildings should be preserved (or, reparations should be made to these buildings)?

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Paying for the Maintenance of Historic Buildings

  • Who do you think should pay for these reparations (or, to preserve these buildings)?
  • Who do you think should be responsible for the maintenance and repair of historic buildings?
  • Do you think the government should pay for (= has a responsibility to pay for) the maintenance and repair of historic buildings?
  • Do you think the government (i.e., everyone, via taxes) should pay for this or should the visitors pay for it?
  • Which do you think is better, having the government own and pay for the maintenance of historic buildings or having private investors owning the buildings and paying for for the maintenance?

Studying History

  • Why do students study history in school?
  • Why should people learn about (or, study) history?
  • Do you think learning about history has any benefits for children (or, young people)?
  • How do you think teachers could make history lessons more interesting?

How would you answer these IELTS questions about historic places & buildings?

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