Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy a product | IELTS Speaking Test Questions & Answers

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

What is your full name?

Michael George Wilson

Do you work or study?

At the moment both, I study full time and work part-time in the evenings and at weekends.

Do you think that your job is too hard?

No, not really. It's not a very demanding job but then I only do it part-time to help fund my education. maybe if I did it all day ever day i would find it more difficult.

What do you usually do after work?

Well, I usually finish work quite late at around 10.30pm so I normally get on the bus and go straight home to eat dinner and then study. Maybe on Friday night I might sometimes go out and meet some friends.

Did you go to parks during your childhood?

Yes, almost everyday. We used to live right next to a park so it was one of my favorite places to play after school. It was big and had lots of things you could do there. It was always full of children playing.

How often do you go to the parks now?

Really, not very often, maybe when I go out with my family or during vacations from university. I'm really too busy to go to the park like I used to before. It would be nice to go more often, but I just don't have enough time at the moment.

Do you think parks are important for people?

Absolutely, it's a change of scenery from being at home or at the office or in school. You can enjoy the scenery, the lake and enjoy the fresh air, take your dog for a walk if you have one, and my favorite park is far away from the traffic so it's really quiet and peaceful when I go there.

What do you do to relax?

I don't really get that much time to relax at the moment. This year is very busy for me, but when I do get some free time I like to listen to music or meet up with my friends and go out somewhere to enjoy ourselves. I used to like reading a lot, but nowadays I do a lot of reading for my studies so I like to do something different when I have free time to relax.

Do you think people have enough time to relax?

I think most people would say no. I certainly feel that I have a lot less time to relax than in the past. I think the pace of life even only ten years ago was much less frantic and people had more time for other things apart from studying and work. Life has become much more competitive nowadays and that doesn't leave a lot of time for just relaxing. I think people tend to plan relaxation activities more now than in the past because they know that it's important.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Questions

Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy a product

You should say:
  • What was the product?
  • What was the advertisement about?
  • Why did it make you want to buy that product?

IELTS Speaking | Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy a product

About a couple of months ago I saw an advertisement on the internet for a special pair of running shoes. It was the picture that caught my attention first because the shoes looked very different from normal running shoes. They were designed like a pair of gloves for your feet, if you know what I mean.

They were made from a special 'breathable' material and had a synthetic sole grafted onto the body so that they fitted like a glove on your foot, but the bottom was quite similar to a normal running shoe so that it gripped well and provided protection for your feet.

Unlike a normal running shoe each toe was separate. It was really strange to see something like that because I had just been wondering a few weeks earlier why someone hadn't invented a running shoe like this before - and then a couple of weeks later by pure coincidence I came across them on the internet. I wasn't even looking for them or anything.

Anyway, the ad was basically a 360 degrees color photo of the shoes, showing them from all angles and some technical and product information about them. There was also a video that was maybe 3 or 4 minutes long and showed a runner going up a rocky hill and the video explained how these running shoes allowed the runner to 'feel' more of the ground underneath his feet and grip better because of the flexing motion of the bottom of the shoes.

It was more an informative ad than anything arty or creative, but it made me want to buy the shoes because I hadn't seen them before and I wanted to try them, so I ordered a pair in my size and they arrived a couple of days later. I've tried them out a couple of times so far and they seem really good. They cost me just a little bit more than some of the normal running shoes, but I think they're worth the extra money. The running experience is quite different from normal and personally I prefer it.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3

What kinds of media are available for advertising in your country?

All the usual channels such as TV, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, hoardings and billboards and such like, really anything you can think of people will put to use to advertise products or a brand. Promotional gimmicks such as T-shirts and even cars are often used to promote an event or brand.

Are there any other traditional kinds of media for advertising other than TV and newspapers?

Yes, as I said, the large billboards are still very popular although they are mainly used by large well established brands because they are very expensive to pay for. Radio advertising is still very popular because it's quite inexpensive compared to national TV or newspapers. And then there are those sponsors who promote themselves at sports events using the traditional media of large displays or having their company name or brand on the sports equipment. There are lots of traditional ways that companies still advertise even though many companies are now spending a lot of money on internet advertising.

What products are usually advertised using these different media types?

In the case of radio I think they are mainly products that have a local appeal as there are many different local radio stations available. The large billboards seem to be mainly occupied by mass market products like fashion orientated goods or maybe food and drink type products, they are typically used by large companies that sell a product or service which appeals to the masses.

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