Volunteering, Neighbors, Arriving Early for an Event, Time Management, Punctuality - Recent IELTS Exam Questions

IELTS Speaking Test Questions - Part 1

Are you studying? Or are you working?

What is your opinion about volunteering?

Have you ever volunteered?

Can you imagine yourself volunteering at some point in the future?

How often do you read a magazine?

Do older people prefer to read blogs or magazines? Why?

Do you have a friendly relationship with any of your neighbors?

Is it better to have a younger or older neighbor? Why?

Would you feel comfortable if you had to ask a neighbor for help?

IELTS Speaking Test Questions - Part 2

Describe a time you went to an event and arrived early.

You should say:
  • what the event was
  • where it was
  • why you arrived early
and say how you felt about arriving early.

IELTS Cue Cards

Follow up question: Are you normally a punctual person?

IELTS Speaking Test Questions -Part 3

Do you think it is important that people are punctual?

Which is more important, being punctual for work or being punctual when going out with friends?

Are people generally more or less punctual nowadays than in the past? Why?

How does technology influence how we manage our time?

Is there anything society could do to reduce the impact of technology on how we generally manage our time?

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