IELTS: Describe a meeting you remember going to at work, college or school

Cambridge IELTS Book 8 Speaking Test Questions & Answers

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

Describe a meeting you remember going to at work, college or school.

You should say:

  • when and where the meeting was held
  • who was at the meeting
  • what the people at the meeting talked about
and explain why you remember going to this meeting.

IELTS Sample Answer

I remember a meeting I attended about 3 months ago in particular, because it was a very long one and a lot of people were getting stressed out during it.

The meeting was at work, in the conference room where we all gathered to discuss some problems with a very important project we were working on.

There were about eight people who attended the meeting; the general manager, the head of the design department, the company accountant, the project manager and two of the company directors, my boss who is the president of the company, and me as one of the project engineers.

Basically the project we were working on was not going well; it was overdue and over budget due to some unforeseen problems and delays with suppliers and contractors.

The worst thing about that particular project was that it was for our most important client.

I think that’s why the directors were at the meeting, because it was causing problems for potential new projects that we were trying to obtain from the same client.

So, the consequences of not delivering the project as promised could have had serious long term effect for the company as a whole.

The meeting started with an update of what had been completed so far and the unexpected problems encountered and already solved.

The project manager and design engineer presented some information about some existing problems and some possible ways of how they could be solved.

The accountant took her turn to explain various aspects of the budget and how costs had exceeded the project budget so far, and the final part of the meeting was all about forming an action plan to get the project back on track and hopefully recover some of the overspending in the final stages of the project.

As I said, I remember it very well because I don’t think anyone really enjoyed that meeting.

Most of the people who participated were very nervous about the situation and several times they tried to blame other people and other departments for the delays and cost overruns.

Even the directors didn’t look comfortable because so much was at stake for the company.

It wasn’t the worst meeting I’ve been to but neither was it the best, however, we did eventually solve a lot of problems so it was certainly productive even though it lasted for over 5 hours.

I think if we hadn’t organized it and got everyone together and finally hashed out all the problems, the whole project could have been a disaster in the end.

I don’t normally like meetings, but this was one example of just how important it can be to get everyone involved in something together at least once to discuss all the different aspects and come up with workable solutions which can then be actioned.

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