IELTS Speaking Questions & Sample Answers | Why do some people try to avoid family businesses?

Here is an example of an IELTS question from Part 3 of the speaking test which asks for your opinion on an issue related to family businesses.
Why do some people try to avoid family businesses?

Sample IELTS Speaking Answer

Do you mean why some children try to avoid working in the family business? I’m not sure if other people make a point of trying to avoid buying from or using a family business. I have a couple of friends whose families both have their own businesses. Neither of them wants to go and work with their family in the business and the reason is basically the same. Both my friends want to develop their own career in different fields and be independent from their family when it comes to work. They also see better benefits and prospects in the long run going to work at a larger company and they also want to avoid any family squabbles which often arise in family businesses.

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