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IELTS speaking travel, flying, airlines and emissions
Here are some examples of IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 questions about travel.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions

What mode of travel do you prefer? Why?
Actually, I quite like most types of transport, so when I travel I enjoy going by plane or train or even boat sometimes. It depends where I’m travelling to. Generally, flying is the easiest for longer distances, transatlantic for example, but within a country anything from buses to cars to motorcycles are great for seeing different places and getting a feel for a different country and its culture.

What are the advantages of travelling by air?
Well, the obvious one is speed, it’s much faster than any other type of transport when you have to cover a long distance, even with taking into account the time you have to spend in the airport checking in and collecting baggage and stuff like that, it’s still quicker than taking a boat or train. Secondly, it’s cheaper than most other forms of transport for covering long distances.

What do you think about air travel becoming globalised?
It’s almost inevitable that many airlines will merge and form strategic partnerships with others. It’s something which is happening in almost every industry and commercial sector.

Bigger is better nowadays, because the potential market is now the world, not just a particular country or group of countries. It should be good for travellers, the customers, because it means more competition and that normally results in cheaper prices or better service and better deals to choose from.

Do you think airlines are managing gas emissions correctly?
Pollution from aviation is always going to be a big problem, however, I believe that airlines are doing what they can with the technology available to ensure that the emissions they create are as minimal as possible based on the number of hours that airplanes are typically operating.

There is new legislation in Europe, for example, which governs aviation pollution and many large airlines are now looking at big investment in their fleet of aircraft with a view to modernizing them and reducing pollution at the same time.

Some of the latest large super-airliners can carry more passengers and produce 20% less pollution at the same time – that’s a big reduction and if it costs less in fuel then it could mean potential savings for travellers in the long run.

At the end of the day, air travel is a growing industry but they will need to respond to pressure to reduce emissions to a more acceptable level if they expect to continue to grow in the future.

Do you think that passengers would be willing to pay more for travel to fund a way to reduce these emissions properly?
I don’t really think passengers think about it too much, do you? In fact, many people are becoming angry about all the green taxes and carbon taxes which they are being forced to pay in the name of protecting the planet … it’s making everything much more expensive.

A more effective way might be to reserve air travel for long distances only, inter-country or intercontinental travel, and try and get more people to stop using them for trips within their own country. Short haul flights are the worst in terms of emissions, it’s much worse than using your car to drive across the country.

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