IELTS Speaking Test USA Questions and Answers Part 3

IELTS USA Speaking Test Part 3 Questions and Answers

Questions about adult education

Do many adults who have been working for some time return to a college of some sort for further study?

Yes, I think that nowadays many of them do… especially if they want to be competitive in their field. Most of my friends have completed post-graduate diplomas or advanced skills courses related to their work.

Who pays for this adult education?

If it’s a professional diploma or post-graduate course then normally it’s the student who pays, but there are also some courses which are available in community colleges which are free because they are funded by the government.

In the future, do you think more adults will enroll in courses of study?

Yes, continuing education is more important than ever now… people need to keep their skills up to date, or even learn completely new ones to remain employable. Most young people nowadays won’t have just one job for life as maybe their parents did… they are likely to undergo various skills training courses and academic training to keep up with the demand from employers for a highly skilled workforce.

Do you think adult education is useful?

It’s essential… personally I think it’s great that adults can learn new things, new skills or maybe even just follow an interest by joining a course or class. There are so many more opportunities now… it’s good that it’s becoming more popular for adults to ‘go back to school’ but with other adults. It’s never too late to learn something new and life is changing very quickly at the moment so for some people it’s an ideal way to learn about things they didn’t even hear of back in school when they were younger.

How would you answer these IELTS speaking test questions about education?

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