IELTS Speaking Test Pakistan

Sample IELTS speaking test questions from an IELTS interview in Pakistan

IELTS Speaking Test Pakistan | Part 1

What is your full name?
John Smith

Can I see your ID?
Yes, here's my passport

Do you work or study?
I work. I'm an accountant with a national firm based here in Islamabad.

Where are you from?
I was born in Faisalabad, that's where my family are originally from.

Can you describe the seasons in your country?
Yes, there are basically four different seasons in my country, winter, spring, summer and then the monsoon season. Winter is usually from December to February and it's typically cool and dry. Spring runs from march to May and is normally hot and dry and then comes the summer rainy season which lasts until around September and that is followed by the retreating monsoon season during October and November.

Do you like when it’s raining?
No, not really. It's a nice change from the heat of spring, but the rain brings many problems and makes daily life a little more difficult.I prefer the spring season personally, even though it can be very hot some days.

Do you like cold or hot weather?
I like warm or hot weather best. Ever since I was a child it's been my favorite season and I look forward to it every year after the winter.

Do you think there was a major change in climatic conditions recently?
There's been a lot of talk about it but I'm not sure if the changes have been more dramatic than in the past or we are just monitoring them better than we used to. History shows us that the Earth has gone through various different climatic changes and long periods of cold and hot weather. I think it's probably a natural weather cycle that takes place over a long period of time.

IELTS Speaking Test Pakistan | Part 2

Talk about your favorite subject at school/university. Please say:

- What was the subject?
- What did you learn about?
- Why was it your favorite subject?

When I was at school my favorite class was Geography. I used to have an excellent teacher who made everything seem very interesting. I also enjoyed learning about many different things related to our lives such as where we live, how we are affected by weather, farming and other topics and how we can learn so much from rocks, trees and other items around us which can tell us about past events many thousands of years ago.

I can distinctly remember many lessons about agriculture and how it was developed in many different regions of the world. The difference between farming needs in different parts of the world and how the produce could be exported from one country to another. I also remember learning about rock formations and how rivers can form valleys and erode rock, and the earth, over a long period of time and change the landscape. I thought it was fascinating at the time how you could learn so much about something which seemed to be so simple. My Geography classes made me look at everything differently. What I had previously seen as just a river or rock became something much more interesting when I realized how much information it could tell us and how many different aspects there were to them. Even now, I think I still look at things and think about what's beneath the surface, what's behind the visible parts, the parts we can't see or never think about. There's always so much more involved than what we can simply see everyday.

Really, I think it was my favorite subject at school because it dealt with real things. I mean, we learned about mountains,

rivers, countries, populations, social migration and many other things like that. You can see these things in life, it all seemed relevant. I can remember I didn't like Math much as a school subject because I couldn't relate it to everyday life. Solving all those mathematical problems didn't seem connected to real life.

Another reason I liked Geography as a subject was because, as I said, my teacher was great. She made everything seem interesting and had an excellent way of explaining things to her students. The time always seemed to fly past in those classes because they were so interesting.

IELTS Speaking Test Pakistan | Part 3

What do you think about new methods of teaching children?
What are those methods?
Do you think the current education system will change in the future?

[sample answer coming soon!]

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