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IELTS Speaking Topics 2016

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Questions | Mobile / Cellular / Cell Phones

  • Do you have a mobile phone (= "a cell phone")?
  • Do you use a cell phone?
  • What do you use it for?
  • How often do you use it?
  • When did you get it?
  • When did you get your first mobile phone?
  • How did you feel when you got your first mobile phone?
  • What feature (or, function) of your cell phone do you like the best?
  • Is there anything you dislike about using cell phones?
  • Is your cellphone very important to you?
  • Are cellphones (or, mobile phones) very popular in your country? (Why?)
  • How often do you use a cellphone? When do you usually use your cellphone and for what purposes?
  • Which do you prefer to use, a cellphone or a normal house phone (= 'a fixed-line phone')? (Why?)
  • What are the differences between cell phones and typical house phones?
  • Do you think cellphones are important for modern people?
  • What services does your cellphone have that fixed phones don't have?
  • How do you think cellphones will develop in the future?
  • How has advertising for cellphones developed in recent years?
  • Are there any differences between the cellphones (= mobile phones) that men use and those that women use?

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