Describe someone you lived with | IELTS Cue Card Question & Answer

Describe a person you have lived with

You should say:
  • who this person was
  • what kind of person he or she was
  • how long you lived with him or her
  • what the two of you did together
and explain how you felt about living with this person.

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IELTS Cue Card Answer | Describe a person you have lived with

That’s easy; I used to live with someone, a girl named Sarah, who became my best friend. We met when we both started university at the same time. We were both looking for an apartment to rent near the campus and we were talking about how difficult it was to find something suitable.

Over a coffee we hatched a plan to pool our resources and try sharing a place so that we could afford something better than trying to do it individually.

Thinking about it now, it seems almost crazy – we hardly knew each other at all – we were basically strangers, but for some reason we both thought it would all work out okay, it was like we clicked instantly and we seemed to have a lot in common and like the same things so that was quite a good sign from the outset.

Sarah was a hoot! Very outgoing and extrovert, which is quite different from me, but she did it all in a nice way, she was always helping people and involved in lots of extracurricular activities at the university – she seemed to have an endless stream of projects and causes that she was involved in.

However, over the years, I discovered that she wasn’t always like that – she could be quiet and a little moody at times as well, but she was still very lovable. We really got to know each other extremely well over the four years we lived together – I mean we both saw each other at our worst and best and shared a lot of experiences together during that time.

We used to go out together, go shopping, and visit places of interest in the city and also just chill out with a movie when we felt like being lazy. We also studied together and helped each other out with a whole host of daily stuff. As you can imagine- living together for years we did loads of stuff together.

Looking back on that time, I have to say that it was one of the happiest times in my life so far. Although the studying was stressful at times and we didn’t have that much money to spend – we always managed to have a good time an enjoy ourselves, and we only ever had one really bad argument, which is quite good for two girls living together for such a long time.

She’s still my best friend now even though we don’t live together any longer and we don’t see each other every day. I think we’ll always be close because of the time we spent together back then – it was one of those defining periods in our lives – very important.

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