IELTS: Describe an advertisement you liked

IELTS: describe an advertisement you liked

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

Describe an advertisement you liked.

You should say:

  • what it was about
  • where you saw it
  • why you liked it
and explain how you felt about it.

IELTS Sample Answer

One of my most loved advertisements was by Microsoft. It was an ad for female designers and inventors.

The basic idea was it showed about every one of the amazing inventions that women had come up with throughout the years.

It wasn't generally targeting any one specific Microsoft item; it was a branded Microsoft ad.

The idea behind it was to educate and inform – not sell a specific item.

I saw it on YouTube. I was watching something different and then this ad popped up.

It appealed to me because it wasn't the typical promotion strategy of offering you something. Nor did it make wild claims about how awesome the organization was.

This advertisement targeted young girls and women. Maybe it was trying to influence them to consider what they might achieve in life.

It also highlighted how we as a society can perceive things inaccurately, like the way we tend to think that men invented everything in the past.

I thought it was a great advertisement. It showcased many female inventors. For example, did you know that women invented or designed windshield wipers? How about algorithms for computers?

I didn't know any of these things either. And there was a bunch of other different items created by women that you would likely never have guessed.

The advertisement was created to comment on International Women's Day. The promotion was relevant.

The message empowered young girls to understand that they too could design and invent something important.

Maybe something which one day would change the lives of everyone.

I figure you could call this type of advertising inspirational. A large number of the big brands create such campaigns.

They are more enthralling than a lot of other business promotions which appear on TV and other media channels.

Follow up question:

All in all, do you like seeing advertisements like that for items?

The example I gave was an advertisement I liked. I thought it was good. Something different, with a positive message.

I was not a predictable advertisement pushing the most recent model or version of a commercial product.