Describe an outdoor activity that you did | IELTS USA Speaking Test

Part 1 | IELTS USA speaking test

What is your full name?

It's Elizabetta Canalis

Can I see your ID please?

Yes, of course, here's my passport.

Where are you from?

I'm from Rome in Italy.

Are you working or studying at the moment?

I'm doing both. I'm studying English here because I want to go to university here and I'm also doing some work as a model.

Are you fond of receiving gifts?

Yes, I love getting gifts, and giving them to people too.

What kinds of gifts do you like to receive most?

Gifts from my friends mostly because they know me well and are good at choosing gifts that I like. It's nice to get surprise gifts too sometimes though.

What was the last gift you received?

It was a surprise from my father. He organized my tickets to come to the USA. I was planning to pay for them myself, but he surprise me by announcing that he had already bought them and taken care of all the arrangements. It was really nice of him.

Part 2 | IELTS USA speaking test

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Questions

Describe an outdoor activity that you did for the first time.

You should say:
  • What did you do?
  • Where and when did you do it?
  • How did you feel later?
and say if you would recommend this activity to your friends.

IELTS Speaking Test Answer | An outdoor activity

I'll tell you about something I did last month, for the first time. I was invited by a friend to go rock climbing, well, to be honest it was rock climbing but indoors (at the beginning), not on a mountain.

He's been doing it for about six months and I had asked him about it once as I was curious how you could climb inside. He tried to explain to me about the 'rock wall' that they use to practice and it all sounded very interesting.

Anyway, I joked with him that I would like to try it someday, but I didn't think he took what I said seriously at the time.

So one weekend last month he just called me, on a Friday evening, and asked me what my plans were for the next day. I told him that I hadn't planned anything special, but maybe I would go shoppng or meet a girlfriend for lunch or something like that, just to relax.

That's when he told me that he was going to take me to a rock climbing center here in the city and show me what it was all about. I'd forgotten all about our conversation until he invited me to go with him.

It was great fun, although I was a little scared at first, apprehensive really more than scared, as the instructor was very good and I started practising on the ground and very low on the wall to gain my confidence so there was very little risk.

After training with the instructor for a few hours and learning all about the safety aspects and the basic techniques used in climbing I thought that that was the end of the activity. But my friend had arranged for us to visit a place just outside of town where we could actually climb on real rocks for practice.

It was a beautiful day and after practising on the indoor wall I really wanted to try and do it on some real rocks, so off we went. When we arrived, there were quite a few people climbing already.

My friend helped me to get started and accompanied me all the time, he was really very patient, and when I thought I was stuck at one point he showed me how I could overcome the problem and continue.

I have to admit that it was a great day, something new and exciting that I'd never done before. I really liked it and I think I want to try it again soon.

I'll probably have to try and improve my level of fitness because it seems to be quite demanding physically, but hey, that's a good reason to get toned and fit which is a good thing. I have another friend who loves doing physical exer cise so I'll probably recommend it to her also.

Part 3 | IELTS USA speaking test

Was it an expensive activity?

No, on that occasion it wasn't because my friend arranged everything - it didn't cost me anything. I think if you buy some of the special equipment then it could be quite expensive, but then you'll probably use it for a long time so it's good value for money.

I suppose if you were really serious about it you could spend more money on travelling to climb in different places, that might be more expensive than any equipment you buy.

Do you generally like trying new things?

Yes, but I'm really not the adventure type - I don't go for all the adrenalin or extreme sports. The only reason I tried rock climbing was because my friend invited me to go with him. If he hadn't, I probably would've never gotten round to doing it on my own.

Would you do the same activity again in the future?

Yes, I probably will - I really enjoyed myself and it seems like a great way to stay fit and enjoy the good weather outdoors at the same time. It's quite relaxing too because you have to concentrate on what you're doing so you forget about everything else that might be bothering you in life, it's a bit like therapy, and when you finish you feel a little tired but very satisfied.

Do people in your country usually do this type of activity?

In my country it's not as popular as it is here. We have many mountains and there have always been climbers but here it seems to be a really popular activity, especially with young people.

How do you think people should be encouraged to do more outdoor activities?

I don't know if they should be encouraged on purpose. It's a matter of personal choice. Some people just don't like being outside in the country or doing this kind of activity so there's little point in tryin to encourage them to do something they aren't interested in. It's nice if they are aware of the opportunity to try it - but if they don't want to then ok.

What do you consider to be the main disadvantage of such activities?

Personally, I don't think there are any disadvantages, except it might cost you some money. Most outdoor activities are healthy and many such as cycling or even just walking do not require you to be super athletic or anythig like that, you can just enjoy being outside in the fresh air if you like that kind of thing. I think there are many more advantages than disadvantagse associated with outdoor activites.

Describe an outdoor activity

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test cue card topic question about an outdoor activity?
  • What outdoor activities are popular in your country?
  • In your opinion, are outdoor activities more popular with younger people or older people?
  • What was the last outdoor activity you did?

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