Latest IELTS Speaking Test 2016 | Colors

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Questions


What's your favorite color?

It’s actually black, well if we’re talking about colors in general. Obviously there are some things that don’t look good in black, but my car is black and I like black clothes also because they look smart even when they’re casual and you can use other colors with black so easily.

Do you usually wear clothes in your favourite colour?

Yes, frequently, I have black jeans, boots, a black jacket – I don’t usually wear all black at the same time because that would be a bit too much, you know, but it’s definitely a favorite color for clothes.

Are there any colors that have a special meaning in your country?

Yes, one that I can think of at the moment is red, it’s really special in many countries but where I come from it has deep and long history in the culture and it’s one of the most important colors for women in particular when they get married – they use red drapes and a kind of red colored henna on their hands. It’s really beautiful to see.

Do you think different types of people like different colors?

Sure, some people like pale colors and other like darker colors. Take me and my sister for example – I love black and she almost hates it, she much prefers lighter, pastel colors, especially for her clothes.

Some people prefer dark colors because they’re somber and serious and others prefer certain colors like yellow and white because they invoke a sense of serenity and peace. So, yes, different types of people like different colors.

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