IELTS Speaking | What is the most difficult kind of letter or email to write?

IELTS Part 3 Questions about letters

What is the most difficult kind of letter or email to write?

It would probably have to be the kind that is complaining about something. That’s quite difficult because you want the person reading it to take your complaint seriously without seeming rude or offensive to them – no matter how serious it might be, you might want to shout at them if they were in front of you, so it’s a case of choosing the exact language you use very carefully, setting the correct tone while being firm and clear about what you expect to happen.

I suppose some people might say that writing to inform someone of bad personal news, like a death in the family, or something similar would be more difficult, but I would never just write a letter or an email if it was a personal matter like that, I’d call the person in question and tell them directly, even though it’s probably the hardest thing anyone has to do, especially if it’s to inform someone that a person close to them has died, but it’s not something that should be done in writing.

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