How do you remind yourself about things? | IELTS Speaking Test Questions with Answers

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions

Give some examples of how you remind yourself about things.

I think the most obvious ways would be to make a note and stick it in a place you will see everyday – like on your desk, computer, in your car or wherever you’re sure you’ll see it when it’s appropriate, that's what I used to do.

You could also program your phone or computer to remind you of loads of things if you think that you might forget them, that's what I do all the time now. You could always ask someone to remind you about something, but then you have to rely on the other person not forgetting, so maybe that’s not the best idea unless the other person is really good at remembering things.

Using your phone is probably the best plan – it’s so easy and you always have it with you – so it would be really difficult to forget something if you program a reminder for yourself.

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