Cameras in Mobile Phones, Professional Photographers & The Media | IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions & Answers

Part 3 discussion questions from an IELTS interview in Canada

Is it really necessary to have a camera in your mobile phone? Why?

Yes, I think it is nowadays. There are so many apps and platforms where you can video chat with your friends and it's also really useful, for example, if you have an accident in your car you can take photos of the scene to show what happened. Because so many people are using their smartphones to access the internet, having a camera as part of your phone makes sense.

Is it a better idea to have a camera separately? Why?

No, I don't think so, unless you are a serious photographer. It's just something else to carry around with you, and you can lose it or leave it somewhere if you're not careful. It's much more convenient to have a camera in your phone. If you do photography as a hobby then it makes sense to have a professional camera because the quality is better and you can do more things with it... but if you just want to take photos of your friends and things that happen, then a camera phone is normally good enough.

Is it better to look at your photos on screen or in albums in your view?

I think it's almost the same, if you want to show your friends who are with you some photos you have to pass them the album or pass them your phone so they can see the photos. The big advantage of a camera phone is you can post your photos to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and share them with everybody easily... they don't need to be beside you to see your photos.

Is it really necessary to have professional photographers in the media? Why?

Yes, because not everyone is very good at taking photos. Photography is a skill and so a professional photographer will always be able to take better or more interesting pictures than an amateur. And professional photographers get paid to take photos of many different things, not just their friends, family or places they visit. They sometimes have to travel and research the things they photograph so that's why they get paid.

Do you think that some pictures in the media are taken by amateurs?

It's possible, I suppose, if a person just happens to be in a certain location when something happens then they may be the only person who takes a photo of the event so the picture appears in the media. We've seen examples of that when natural diasters happen or even when a particular celebrity appears someplace and someone who is not paparazzi or a professional photographer happens to take a photo or make a short video of whatever or whoever it was.

How would you answer these IELTS speaking questions about cameras, professional photographers and the media?
  • Have people become obsessed about taking selfies?
  • On average, how many pictures do you take a day/week/month?
  • Have you ever hired a professional photographer? What was the occasion?
  • Is there anything you don't like about the media coverage in your country?

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