Speaking Cue Card with Discussion Questions

IELTS Speaking Exam Part I

What is your full name, please?

Do you work or are you a student at the moment?

What work do you do?

Did you obtain any special training for the work you do?

Do you plan to work there for a long time?

How do you feel when it rains?

How often does it rain where you live?

When it looks like it is going to rain, how do people react?

Does your name have any specific meaning?

What are some popular names in your country?

Why do you think people choose those names?

What special gifts do people give during a naming ceremony?

IELTS Speaking Exam Part 2 - Cue Card

Describe a place where people go to listen to music.

You should say:
  • the type of people that go there
  • the type of music people listen to there
  • why people like to go there
and explain how you feel about the music they play there.

IELTS Speaking Exam Part 3

Discussion questions

Has technology improved music? (How?)

How do children listen to music in your country?

Are there any advantages to children listening to music? (What are they?)

Why do you think some people post their songs on the internet for free?

Should music on the internet be free for everybody? (Why? Why not?)

Does the technology available today mean that anyone can create music?