Why is Traveling Abroad Popular with Young People? Is Cultural Invasion a Threat? What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Tourism?

IELTS Part 3 Questions - Taxis, Tourism & Cultural Invasion

When was the last time you used a taxi?

Actually, it was about a month ago when I was on vacation – to go from the airport to the hotel we’d reserved.

Why did you use a taxi?

Because when we arrived we were very tired and couldn’t be bothered figuring out the bus system and how to get to the hotel on public transport, we’d probably have gotten lost. It was much quicker and easier just to take a taxi.

Did you think the taxi service was good?

Yes, I suppose so, the driver seemed to know where he was going, he knew the hotel, apparently it’s quiuite popular with tourists so we didn’t have to try and explain directions or anything like that to him. And the cost seemed to be reasonable for the distance we travelled, so really, no complaints about it.

Is travelling abroad popular with young people in your country?

In recent years, it has been, possibly because there’ve been a lot of good deals and special promotions from travel companies available on the internet so with a little planning you can actually find really cheap flights and hotels and do quite a lot of travelling abroad even if you haven’t got loads of money to spend.

Why is it so popular?

One of the main reasons is that it’s a great opportunity to see somewhere different and meet different people. For young people, it’s a big adventure to go to a strange place and see all the sights, experience life in another country and it’s a lot of fun too!

I think young people in particular do it, especially when they finish school or university because they have the free time available before they maybe start work or another semester of studies. It’s a chance to get out and do something different, because once you start working it’s so much more difficult to just go travelling – you tend to go on vacation for a couple of weeks maybe once a year – which is quite different.

What is your opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of tourism?

My opinion? Well, yes I suppose tourism does have advantages and disadvantages depending on your perspective – which side of the tourism equation you are on – if your country is invaded every year by a lot of tourists and you personally don’t see any benefit from it then I guess you might see all the extra people and traffic as a disadvantage.

But, the other side is that tourism is a big employer in countries which are popular tourist destinations, it creates a lot of jobs in the hospitality sector, I mean when you think about it, tourists use taxis, buses, hotels, airlines, restaurants, stores and a whole range of other services – that’s a lot of jobs for a lot of people - so if you work in the tourism industry in your country you’d probably think it has a lot of advantages, for you, and the local economy.

And then there’s the wider perspective of cultural awareness, environmental impact and so on, it depends which level you want to see it from. Overall, I would say that tourism generally generates more positive things for a place or country than it does problems.

Have you ever faced or heard about cultural invasion caused by tourism?

I’ve never faced it but I know what it is, and cultural invasion by tourism is not really a great threat for anyone.

I mean lots of foreigners can visit your country but it won’t mean that your country changes its identity and culture. You might see some restaurants and hotels and specific tourist based companies offering special services oriented to tourists but apart from that the intrinsic culture of a nation is difficult to change just by having a lot of foreign people visit for short periods of time.

Cultural invasion is more likely through technology and globalization, as we are trending toward sharing more and more global culture through our increased use of technology, but even so, in many countries the indigenous culture is deeply linked to history and religion, and so it is very difficult to fundamentally change a culture which has such deep roots.

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