IELTS: Describe a Useful Website You Have Used and Liked

IELTS: describe a useful webiste you have used and liked

How to Answer IELTS Cue Card about a Useful Website

Describe a useful website you have used, and liked.

You should say:

  • which website it was
  • how you learned about it
  • why you used it
and say if you have recommended this site to any friends, and why.

IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer

The Internet is a useful and amazing tool that offers many sites related to almost all aspects of life. At this point in time, people around the world use thousands of specialised websites to help them do the respective things that they need, you can find websites dedicated to each type of interest or information that you want to access.

You can shop, pay bills, or do some other business transactions, communicate through different channels like text massages, audio or video, and access entertainment, knowledge, etc.

Nevertheless, if I had to select a specific website, I think that YouTube is one of the most versatile and useful websites. It is a site specializing in videos; all the content that you can find on this site is in audio visual format. However, it is incredible the amount of information of all kinds that it uploaded.

It’s not just a long list of funny videos, or entertainment like music, comedy or TV series that distract you. YouTube is a channel with an endless number of video interviews, from the oldest to the newest, lectures, classes, and all kinds of resources to learn about any subject that you want.

One of the reasons that I use this website is because I think it is so interesting, useful and different in the way that they show the information. I have learned so much about literature, history, music and other topics.

I think that the videos are something very enjoyable and an innovative way to access different thematic content. People can learn, and be very entertained, by the combination of these two senses, sight and hearing, because they’re complementary and stimulating and satisfy different needs and tastes.

I definitely recommend this site to anyone who wants to learn about any subject, simply have a good time, or listen to the best musicians and see their concerts. YouTube has a lot of alternatives that will always surprise you, and there’s so much content you will never see everything.

The best thing is that the website itself recommends content to you, according to your searches, possible interests, and videos that you have previously seen, suggesting similar or related content that you might also enjoy. It is an excellent website, and I’m always recommending it to my friends and sharing YouTube videos through my social media accounts.

How would you answer this IELTS cue card about a website that was useful?