Have You Ever Received Positive Feedback/Comments From Your Boss at Work?

This IELTS cue card asks about positive feedback (comments) you received related to work you did for someone.

Describe a situation when someone gave positive comments about the work you did for them.
You should say:

  • what work you did
  • who the person was
  • what the person said
and explain your reaction to the comments.

Sample Answer

When I was a student I spent about two years working part-time in a local business to help fund my studies. It was a family business and their main activity was selling and repairing domestic electrical appliances.

I worked on repairing things like lamps, electric kettles, toasters, radios, remote controllers, heaters, and lots of other electrical and electronic products.

At the time I was studying to become an engineer, but I had always enjoyed working with my hands and fixing things, so the work was good and the people working with me were nice.

It also allowed me to learn some practical aspects of problem-solving, fault finding and resolving things efficiently.

There was one time, that the owner of the business got sick and couldn’t work for about three months while he was recovering at home. I volunteered to do some extra work for the family to cover his absences.

It meant that I had to work almost every day while still studying so by the end of a few months I was extremely tired.

Anyway, when the owner of the business returned, he was very grateful and thanked me for all my effort, all the extra work I had done, and making myself available to help out in such a time of personal crisis.

He was very specific about how what I had done had made everything much easier for him because his family had not had to look for a new employee to replace him temporarily and then supervise them.

When I look back now, I don’t think I did anything particularly special. It was only for a short time, I earned some extra money as well, so it was good for me too. I didn’t do it to get praise – but it was nice to get such positive feedback from my boss.

But I do remember feeling proud that I was able to help out in the business because they were such good people. It gave me a sense of value, and I realized that being able to count on people to help out when unexpected things happen is very important.

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