A Discussion/Conversation You Had With a Stranger, Is Face-to-Face Discussion Better Than Using a Smartphone, Tablet, etc? Politeness, Chatting, Birthdays, Gadgets, Reality TV

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

Are you working or studying?

What do you do?

Are you planning to continue in the same profession?

Do you think politeness is good or bad?

Where did you learn politeness?

Do you think people these days are emotionally disconnected?

Who is more chirpy and chatty, men or women?

How important are birthdays for you?

How do you normally celebrate your birthday?

How did you typically celebrate your birthday when you were a child?

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

Describe a discussion you had with a stranger.

You should say:
  • where it happened
  • with whom it happened
  • what you talked about
and explain what the outcome of the discussion was.

A few years ago, I planned to visit my family in Pereira, a town in the middle of the country. The idea was to spend the summer there with them, and rest, following the closing semester at the university. But when I finally decided to go, I couldn’t find a suitable flight, and the ones that were available were very expensive. So, I thought that traveling by bus was a good option.

On the highway, I saw some things that inspired me and I started to write some ideas and feelings I had on some paper. By my side there was an old man who seemed to be interested in knowing what I was writing. He asked me “What are you writing on the paper?”, and he also wondered if it was possible for him to read what I had written. I felt embarrassed and nervous about his request, because I didn’t write those words expecting someone to read them, much less a stranger. Finally, though, despite this peculiar request, I decided to share my writing.

A little later, the bus made a stop, and the stranger invited me to lunch. As it turned out, he was a university professor with deep knowledge of literature and poetry. He told me that while I was writing he glimpsed some of my phrases and felt curious. He thought it was interesting to see a young woman writing poetry, and he said that such a situation was not common.

We talked for almost six hours, about literature, poets, writers and everything related to the vast universe of words. For me it was amazing to meet someone like him, as he was so committed to this art. He told me about his experience as a teacher and his plans to create an organization to rescue cultural knowledge of people with Hispanic ancestry in the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, we continue to talk by email. He lives in London. Sometimes I send him emails with some poems and he shares them with a Hispanic American culture group that he has, a space where different people gather to share and exchange ideas on writing.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3

How easy is it for you to start chatting with a stranger?

Is it better to have a discussion face to face or using gadgets, such as a smartphone or tablet?

Why do people prefer to chat on their mobiles?

Why do some TV channels broadcast real life experiences of celebrities? (Reality TV)

Some people believe that it is better to share your problems with a stranger rather than with friends or family. Why do think this might be?

How would you answer these IELTS speaking questions about politeness, birthdays, chatting, reality TV, sharing problems?

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