Describe a rule you had to obey when you were at school - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card

Describe a rule you had to obey when you were at school.

You should say:
  • what the rule was
  • if you agreed with the rule
  • why the rule existed
and what happened if students broke the rule.

Follow up question: How important is it that all students follow the rules at school? Why?

When I was at school there were many rules we had to follow. Like not using your mobile phone in class. Most of them were regarding discipline; you know, like not running in the corridors, not fighting in the playground, things like that.

I guess by the time I arrived at high school I was accustomed to such rules, like most students. It becomes normal and most students obey, or follow, the rules. But there are always one or two exceptions.

I can remember one student who was expelled from school for constantly fighting with other students. The student had been transferred from another school, and was known as a ‘difficult case’ in terms of discipline.

He didn’t really show much respect for the teachers and used to hang around with a bad group of people. Anyway, he was always getting into trouble with teachers and other students, and eventually he was expelled after fighting with another boy within the school grounds, and subsequently transferred to another school.

Some rules seem silly at times, but clearly the rule about fighting is a good one because it’s dangerous, and other students might follow this bad example and then there would be a lot of disorder and it would affect the atmosphere of the school.

So obviously it was a good rule, and I think that the punishment for breaking the rule several times – expulsion from school – was correct so as to deter any other students from following a bad example.

It’s important that students learn to obey rules at school, because it’s just part of life. When you grow up and become an adult there are many more rules you have to follow, such as when you’re driving, working, and many other aspects pf life which are governed by rules.

Learning to respect rules, and authority, even if you don’t fully understand why, or agree with the rules, is an essential part of becoming a productive member of society, and so it is something that children should be expected to learn from the first day they enter into the education system – because rules will be part of their live every day for the rest of their lives.

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