IELTS: Describe a time when you gave some good news to someone

Describe a time when you gave some good news to a person you know.

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • What the good news was
  • How you heard about the news
and describe what their reaction was to the news.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

One occasion I remember vividly was when I told my parents about my exam results.

I wanted to study medicine and the entrance requirements were very demanding so I spent a lot of time studying so I could get the best grades possible to secure a place at medical school.

It wasn’t easy because I find studying difficult, and I was terribly nervous when it came time to sit the final exams.

But, after they were all completed I felt better, although at the back of my mind I still had some doubts as to whether I had done well enough to get the grades I needed for admission to medical school.

The day the results arrived in the mail, I was extremely nervous about opening the notification; my future career was in the balance, if the results were good enough I would go to university and study medicine and hopefully become a doctor eventually, but if they weren’t good enough I would have to rethink what I wanted to do next.

Anyway, I opened the notification and was stunned - I had actually done better than I thought and had gotten better grades than the minimum requirements for entry to medical school.

I remember running upstairs to tell my parents, in fact they thought something was wrong as I was shouting to them as I ran upstairs to get their attention.

I can remember the exact words I said to them: “I did it” and they just looked at me, it took a second or so for it to register with them what I was talking about, and then they both looked at each other and started to smile; then they both hugged me and we all went downstairs.

The next couple of hours where so happy, it was such a relief to have achieved what I needed and I felt all the worry and doubt just disappear.

I knew there would still be a lot of hard work ahead before I could graduate from medical school – but at least I had successfully achieved the first step.

And that was one occasion when I gave some good news to a person I know. It was one of the happiest days of my life so far – and my parents were extremely proud and happy, too.

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test cue card about a time when you gave some good news to someone