Describe a Hotel You Stayed in | IELTS Cue Card Topic Question & Answer

This IELTS cue card question asks you to desribe a hotel you stayed at, where the hotel was, why you stayed there, and why the hotel was special.

TIP: before responding to the IELTS cue card, you have 1 minute you can use to makes notes about the topic, and organize your answer.

Make brief notes: name of hotel, where hotel, reason to stay at hotel, view from hotel, and anything special about hotel, to help you remember the most important points to include in your answer.

Describe a hotel you have stayed in

You should say:

  • where the hotel is
  • why you stayed at that particular hotel
  • what the view from the hotel is like
and explain what makes the hotel special.

IELTS Sample Answer | Describe a Hotel You stayed At

So, about 6 months ago I was sent by my company to solve a problem for a client. The client was located in a remote island off the mainland and so I had to drive to the coast and then take a flight to the island.

It was the first time I had ever been in such a small plane – there were only six passengers and there wasn’t much room – but the most amazing thing was that the plane actually landed on the beach when new arrived at the island, well, when I say beach it was more like a field which was beside the sea – with a bit of sand.

Anyway, the plan had been to go there early in the morning and then fly back late afternoon because there were only two flights that day; one in and one out. Unfortunately, while I was there the weather turned really bad and a really strong storm moved in from the sea and so it was impossible to fly out in the afternoon.

So someone at the company I had been visiting arranged a local hotel for me to stay at until the next day, when hopefully I would be able to fly out again. The hotel, like the plane, was really small – I think there were only four rooms, but it was so cool! It was like an old farmhouse with a big open fire, and the owner, a middle-aged lady, was really friendly and made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.

When dinner was served in the evening I met another guest and we chatted while eating and then had a coffee afterwards and the owner also joined us and told us a little more about life there and her hotel. It was really fascinating – I’d never stayed anywhere so remote before, so it was quite an adventure.

As for the view from the hotel, that night it wasn’t very impressive because all you could see was the rain and some of the lights along the coast – but early the next morning when the sun came up it was quite spectacular to see the light bouncing of the ocean and the birds flying around.

The storm had passed but the waves were still crashing onto the shore and you could see some of the fishing boats in the harbor as well, so it was really quite picturesque.

Anyway, by about midday the pilot had gotten the all clear to fly again and shortly after that we were off and flying back to the mainland.

I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels over the years, but I’ll never forget that one – it was just so different; more like staying with an old friend in their house because the atmosphere was very homey and not like most commercial hotels.

Possible Follow up Questions

  • What are the some factors which make a good hotel?
  • Are there any advantages to staying in a hotel rather than staying with a relative in their home?