Describe Something You Do to Help Others, Helping Other People

This IELTS cue card is about helping people and asks about an activity/something you do to help other people.


  • You can answer it in many different ways.

  • Maybe you help an elderly person in your family, look after your younger sibling, help at a charity, help a friend with their studies, etc.

  • It is not important if you think your help is insignificant or something you do informally or if you help formally as a volunteer in a recognized organization.

  • Simply talk about the help you give, what it is, who it helps, and your reason helping.

  • Describe something you do to help others.
    You should say:

    • what you do
    • who you help
    • how often you do it
    and explain why you do it.

    IELTS sample answer: something you do to help others

    I’ll tell you about my tutoring, it’s something I do a couple of times a week. I help some of the children at the local elementary school who have difficulty with certain subjects. I usually do Math and English, because I’m good at those and I like them.

    I normally go on a Tuesday and a Thursday and maybe have three or four children in each group.

    The first group I do is for Math, I receive information from their teacher about the lessons they have seen in class and any particular problems the children have been experiencing.

    Then we work together to try and help the children understand the subject better and work through some exercises or activities to practice what they have learned.

    After the Math group I have the English group, again there are probably around three or four children and we practice the language they have seen in their previous lessons and try to sort out any problems they might have.

    I like to create different activities for them to practice so that they can have fun learning English. This is my favorite group because they find English interesting and enjoy it when they can get it right.

    The main reason I tutor these two groups is because when I was at school I wasn’t very interested in Math, I thought it was quite boring actually, and so I wasn’t very good at it.

    However, I had a tutor, she was very special, and she made me understand how important it is for many things in adult life.

    When I was a little girl I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn’t realize that I would need a good grade in Math to go to Medical School in the future.

    Thanks to my tutor she helped me tackle Math in a different way and eventually I became very good at it.

    That’s why I like helping these children – because my tutor helped me when I was about their age – and it probably changed my life.

    How would you answer this IELTS speaking question about helping other people?