IELTS: A Garden in Your City - Describe a garden you like to visit often - Should there be more gardens in cities?

IELTS Cue Card on Garden

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

What is your full name?

My full name is Sneha Ullal

Can I see your ID?

Yes, here's my passport.

Where are you from?

I'm from Muscat, in Oman

Do you work or study?

I'm a student at the moment. I'm studying drama, here in Edinburgh.

Have you ever been to a museum?

Yes, lots of them. I love going to museums - you can learn so much about history and so understand more about the present.

Did you go to museums as a student?

I used to go with my grandfather when I was a little girl, and then by myself when I was a student.

Do students in your country always go to museums?

No, I don't think it's a particular 'student activity', it's something you do if you're interested in history or maybe a special topic. The last time I went to a museum there were all kinds of people wandering around there - not just students.

Do you think students should go to museums?

Really, I think everyone should spend more time in museums - not just students- it's such a great education and it makes you think about things in a different way when you see and understand what people have done before now.

I think it gives you a deeper perspective on your own life and the world you live in. I will always be grateful to my grandfather for taking me with him when I was a little girl.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

Describe a garden you like to visit often.

You should say:

  • Where is it?
  • What kind of garden is it?
  • What do you like most about the garden, and why?

IELTS Cue Card Answer | A garden you visited

Sure, there's a garden here in Edinburgh that I really love. Well, actually it's more than a garden, it's like a park, It's called Princes Street Gardens and it's very large. Apparently it was created from an old loch, like a lake, which dried up.

It's been there for hundreds of years now and has a lot of trees, plants, flowers and other interesting things like statues, monuments and fountains and stuff like that.

It's a public garden and every day you can see hundreds of people there - some of them are tourists visiting Edinburgh - and others are just walking through the gardens on their way to someplace, or you can often see people sitting having something to eat or drink at one of the cafes.

Just last week I saw several people sitting on some of the benches reading, now that the weather has turned nice again.

I used to go to the gardens a lot when I first arrived here from abroad. I found it very relaxing - so much greenery - in the middle of the capital city.

Now I try to go every couple of weeks to explore a little and learn a bit more about the gardens. I have some favourite places in the gardens, for example, the Ross Fountain, and there are many other monuments and commemorative sites which honor explorers, reformers, and volunteers and people who died in various wars and for various causes throughout history.

It's almost like walking through a history book sometimes. I would love to have enough time to learn about all of them.

But one of the things I like most is that you can always find a quiet place to be by yourself if you go - or you can go to different parts where there are a lot of people all around - there's a lot of variety and you can see, and sometimes even meet, people from all over the world.

I suppose if you were really interested in flowers and trees and things like that it would be a great place to spend some time too.

Flowers don't really interest me, but it's easy to see that there are a lot of different plants and shrubs throughout the gardens.

Personally, I just like going there because there is always something to do and different people to see, and to see how different the gardens look as the seasons change.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3

Do your friends visit this garden too?

Yes, some of them do, but not all of them. Sometimes I go with two or three friends, but I also like going by myself whenever I can, just to relax.

Do you think gardens are important for people?

For some people, yes, but not for all people. Some people aren't really interested in gardens - so they don't really appreciate the beauty and tranquility you can find there.

But it's important to have gardens in cities or urban areas because it helps people reconnect with nature which is difficult to do when you're surrounded by concrete structures.

What are the benefits of gardens for different age groups?

Well, I suppose some of the benefits are the same irrespective of age - I mean children and older people can both enjoy the flowers and colors of a garden, but children might enjoy playing on the grass or in the special play areas provided for them while older people might like to simply sit and enjoy the peacefulness and fresh air.

Should governments encourage more gardens in cities?

Personally, I believe they should because they are extremely important for many people. As I mentioned before, for some people it's the only opportunity they get to see any greenery if they never get out of the city.

Gardens are also usually a quiet place you can escape to amongst the hustle and bustle of the city - which can help people relax or just have a quick break from their normal hectic routines, so yes it's a good idea if governments or city planning authorities include plenty of gardens and other green areas when they plan urban developments.

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