IELTS Speaking | Mobile Phones & Cell Phones, Advantages & Disadvantages

Things you can say about mobile phones and cell phones

Good things about mobile / cellular / cell phones

  • They are the most poupular type of gadget in the world today
  • The way we communicate has been revolutionized by cellular phones
  • We can stay in contact with everyone no matter where we are
  • They allow users to communictae by text messages, making calls,and sending emails
  • Mobile phones provide easy access to the Internet and users can also take photos and listen to music all on one gadget

Bad things about mobile / cellular phones

  • Mobile phones may cause some problems in certain public areas
  • When they ring in public places like cinemas and schools they create a disturbance
  • Some people seem not to be aware that other people can hear the conversation
  • Mobile or cellular phones can interfere with the operation of other electronic equipment
  • Excessive use of mobile phones can cause brain damage due to radiofrequency (RF) waves they emit
  • Using a mobile or cellular phone can be a dangerous distraction when trying to certain other activities
  • Talking or texting on a mobile or cell phone while driving is very dangerous
  • Mobile phones are easy targets for thieves in many places

Opinions about mobile / cellular / cell phones

  • The benefits of cell phones are greater than the drawbacks
  • Mobile phones have more advantages than disadvantages
  • If we use cellular phones with care, they cause very few problems
  • Mobile phones / cell phones are essential nowadays
  • Many mobile phones have become a fashion accessory for some people

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