Advertising | Advantages & Disadvantages & Opinions | IELTS Speaking Vocabulary

Advertising: good things / positives / advantages / points in favor

  • Advertising plays a key role in business
  • Advertising allows companies to tell consumers about their products
  • Consumers can learn about the choices available through advertising
  • If there was no advertising, consumers would have less choice
  • The advertising industry provides a lot of employment
  • Many creative people work in advertising
  • Advertising is a huge industry - without it, unemployment would be much higher
  • Some people consider advertising to be a form of modern art / entertainment
  • Many people enjoy adverts, especially TV ads

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Advertising: bad things / negatives / disadvantages / points against

  • Advertising can be used to manipulate people
  • Advertising tries to convince people that purchasing a certain product will make them feel happy or will improve their life
  • Most adverts use glamour, or models to deliver their message, not real people
  • Advertising now dominates our culture - without it economies would fail
  • Many advertising campaigns suggest a connection between ceratin brands and a higher status in life
  • Young children and teenagers are often the target of advertising agencies/companies
  • Young children can be influenced very easily by seeing advertisements on TV

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Advertising: general opinions / observations

  • More regulation of advertising is needed
  • Advertising specifically targeting young children should be strictly regulated and monitored, or even prohibited or banned
  • Advertising or marketing of unhealthy food should not be focused on children
  • Some countries do not allow advertising of cigarettes and other products which present a 'risk to health'
  • Advertising is an essential part of any free economy
  • Advertising generates demand for products and services - and this generates employment and stimulates economies
  • There should be tighter regulation of advertising of potentially health damaging or dangerous products.