IELTS Cue Cards 2016 IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Cue Cards 2016

These are some of the IELTS speaking test questions reported this month from IELTS test centers around the world.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Questions

Describe a short journey that you disliked

You should say:
  • why you made the journey
  • what happened during it
  • what you disliked about it
and explain how you felt about the journey.

IELTS Speaking Answer | A journey You Disliked

I recently made a journey I wish I hadn’t bothered with. I decided to do some shopping in the capital city. But I had lent my car to a friend for a couple of days and so I thought it would be quite fun to hop on a bus for a change because it’s something I haven’t done for a long time.
So I thought that I would set off early and get it done in a couple of hours and be back in time for lunch.

The shopping wasn’t anything urgent, it was just that I had some free time that particular morning and thought it would be nice to do something different. I don’t really like shopping, but sometimes you have to, right?

However, the journey did not go as planned. It was a really hot day and when the bus finally arrived and I got on, it was clear that the airconditioning wasn’t working. What’s more, the bus was packed with people, so within minutes I began to feel very hot and sticky and extremely uncomfortable.

But what happened next was even worse. After about twenty minutes of travelling the bus started to make some really weird noises and eventually the driver pulled over and told us that there was a problem and that we couldn’t continue.

We had to wait for another twenty five minutes or so for the next bus to arrive behind us, and then we all got off the first bus and got on the second bus. The second bus already had some passengers on it, and with all of us from the first bus as well there was only room to stand.

Now maybe that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, but the rest of the journey was almost another forty minutes or more – so it was even more uncomfortable than the first bus. Anyway most people were in a bad mood by now and complaining to each other about what had happened, so that didn’t make the atmosphere any better either.

Eventually, we arrived in the city and I wasn’t really in a good mood to go shopping, so I stopped at a cafĂ© to drink something and just relax a moment before heading to the shops. It really has to be one of the worst trips I’ve ever made on a bus – and now I wish I had just waited until I had my car back; it would have been so much easier.

Good luck with your IELTS test!

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