What kinds of people use emails? | IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions about emails

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions

What kinds of people use emails?

Almost everyone, so that would mean all kinds of people, young, old, rich and poor, but they might use emails for different purposes, for example, some people might just write a short message, and others might write long newsy emails to their family members – so for personal use.

Some people use it to chat, as an alternative to messaging platforms or using other social media. And then there are other application related to business.

Many companies use email for business correspondence and customer enquiries, and then there are organisations which communicate using email by sending newsletters and promotional emails to subscribers or people on their mailing list – in other words, email marketing.

Then there are those, usually professionals who use emails to send and receive data or information related to their work, for example, recruitment consultants often receive resumes from applicants and also update their clients by using emails, among other methods. These are just a few examples of different types of people who might use emails for different purposes.

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