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What do you think about globalization and its effect on business? | IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Question & Sample Answer

Here is an example of a Part 3 question from a recent IELTS speaking test in the USA. The question asks about your opinion regarding globalization and its effect on businesses. The following sample answer provides some ideas on how to respond to this type of question.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Discussion Questions

What do you think about globalization and its effect on businesses?

Well, it’s something which has been happening and will continue to happen. As more information and culture becomes shared across the world there will be fewer and fewer individual markets.

Large multinational companies have been operating globally for many decades but now even smaller enterprises can sell their products and services across the world with few problems now. The net result is that business has become more competitive for everyone and especially in terms of e-commerce and such like; small companies can actually compete with large companies in any market irrespective of where they are based.

Globalization and technology has made it far easier to do business in any part of the world, and while there may still be some challenges – they are far fewer than in the past. It’s likely that things will be even more open and competitive in the future.

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