IELTS Answers | Part 3 Speaking - Do you think some jobs will be replaced by technology in the future?

Do you think some jobs will be replaced by technology in the future?

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

Absolutely, in fact it has been happening for some time now. Many traditional manual labor jobs have been replaced by machines and technology. For example, the majority of auto assembly is now carried out by a combination of technology, robots and other machines with only a limited number of skilled personnel as part of the process – this was an assembly process mainly done by hand in the past. For sure in the future even more jobs will be carried out by automated machines as systems develop and society advances.

Some jobs will even disappear completely, as is already the case. Look at how the banking industry has already eliminated many jobs just by the installation of ATMs so that customers can withdraw cash without the need to interact with a bank teller inside the branch - and that is nothing new, it started decades ago. The further replacement of people by automated processes is sure to continue wherever it is possible and in the interests of the organizations involved in terms of reducing costs or improving services.

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