Questions about credit cards IELTS speaking test

IELTS Part 3 questions about credit cards

Are credit cards used very much in your country?

Yes, they’re common now; most people who are working have at least one or two of them. People mainly use them in stores to pay for goods and for online shopping, but that’s not as popular here as in some other countries.

Which is better for saving money, using a credit card or using cash?

It’s probably better to use a credit card than cash, but only if you pay the outstanding balance each month and don’t incur any interest on what you spend. It used to be that many stores preferred cash and would offer ‘cash discounts’ but now that’s not normal anymore. By using a credit card you can find better prices by shopping online sometimes, so if you’re a smart shopper you can actually save money.

Many credit cards also have rewards schemes where they give you points for spending money. You can cash in or redeem these points for special offers; that’s another way you can save money. Some credit card companies also advertise special promotional offers with stores or companies they have alliances with… yet another way to save money by using a credit card. The important thing is to avoid paying interest on what you buy with a credit card, because if you have to pay interest, then it will probably be more expensive in the long run than simply paying in cash.

What changes have resulted from the use of credit cards?

In general, it has made shopping and buying things easier than it was in the past. It’s also made it possible to buy things when you haven’t actually got the money. Many people spend more than they should because it’s so easy when you have a credit card. You can’t do that when you only use cash. You can only spend the cash you physically have. Credit cards are also one of the key components of online shopping, which would be almost impossible to do without one. So all in all, credit cards have transformed the way people shop, buy things and spend their money.

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