IELTS Speaking | Things You Can Say About Money

Things you can say about money

Society and Money

Today's society is very materialistic and consumer orientated
Many people are always ambitious to earn more money
People alwayd try to buy bigger houses and better cars
Many people think material possessions will make them them happy
Having a lot of 'things' is seen as a sign of success
Luxury brand names like 'Mercedes' and 'Ralph Lauren' are considered status symbols
The advertising industry always create new desires for people to spend their money on
Many people are easily persuaded to follow the latest trends, spending money to keep up with fashion and the 'in crowd'

Good Things / Advantages / Positives of Consumerism

When peope consume it creates employment and stimulates the economy
It can help to reduce poverty
Businesses are encouraged to be innovative and creative to remain competitive
Consumerism can lead to a better quality of life or standard of living
Some people feel happier when they buy things

Bad Things / Disadvantages / Negatives of Consumerism

Societies and economies based principally on consumerism create much more waste
Consumerism creates the need to use many natural resources
The process of producing and consuming creates environmental damage
Today's 'throw away' or disposable culture is a direct result of consumerism
Advertising agencies try to persuade us what we need and what we should want in life
Studies have proven that consumerism does not make people more happier or more satisfied in life
Being materialistic can lead to greed which can lead to crime
A consumerist society can quickly lose its traditional values

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