Describe a skill you would like to learn | IELTS speaking test questions and answers

IELTS Speaking Topics | Learning a Skill

Describe a skill you would like to learn. You should say:
    what it is
    why you think it is important
    how you are going to learn it
and explain what role it will play in your future life

Sample Answer

I’d really like to learn how to trade online, it’s something I’ve heard a lot about and I have a friend who has been doing it for some time now and he seems to be quite good at it – he makes money nearly every month – which he’s very happy about. There seem to be various ways of doing it and when I say trading, I suppose I mean all kinds of buying and selling of stocks and options online.

One of the reasons this skill might be useful is because you can do it independently, almost anywhere you are, at anytime you want – or not. It appears to be very flexible, all you really need is a good internet connection and the necessary knowledge, I’ve even seen some apps for smartphones which provide free stock trading online so you can apparently buy and sell anywhere – something you could do from home, or in the evenings maybe or even if you’re away from your laptop.

I’ll probably spend some time doing some serious research into the subject soon, because I’ve been thinking more about it recently – but haven’t really done anything about it yet. I’ll look at the different types of trading available, look for reviews by professionals about the best stock trading platforms to use and I suppose I’ll have to start studying the trading techniques and strategies that you can use. It all looks a little complicated at first glance, but I’m sure once I get into the subject, it will become clearer.

If I become good at it, which I hope I do, I might use it as a method to supplement my salary as well as to have another interest apart from work and the other social things I do at the moment. Depending on how good I am at doing it – I might even consider doing it full time – I believe there are a growing number of people trading on a full time basis and making a living from doing it. And if I’m no good at it, at least the research and experience will have been useful for my university studies, as I’m studying international finance and business, so it won’t be timed wasted finding out the background to various financial markets and how they are influenced.

I suppose working from home has many benefits in comparison to having to go to work in an office or something similar every day, and being your own boss is an idea I identify with strongly. It could become my main source of income, if I learn all the necessary skills and have an aptitude for trading – that would be really great – to have my own business making money on the financial markets.

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