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Part 3 Questions

Do you think it is more beneficial or helpful to work as a team?

Why? Why not? What are the advantages? Are there any disadvantages?

Sometimes it can be, but it’s not always necessary to work in a team. A lot depends on the situation. For example, a creative person such as an artist or designer might be better working on their own in order to develop their ideas, but a fireman would find it very difficult to do their job without working as part of a team. So it depends on what needs to be done, what the objective is.

Some of the advantages of team work include better brainstorming, a wider range of creative input and harnessing the experience and abilities of various team members rather than one person being responsible for achieving everything.

As for disadvantages, sometimes there can be conflict within teams, for example, either personality clashes or differences of opinion about ideas, and such conflict can be challenging to resolve, so that the team can be effective and productive.

Should children be taught about team work before they go to college/university?

That sounds like a good idea. Nowadays there is probably more collaboration related to studying and work than in the past, so learning essential skills like working as part of a team should be encouraged from an early age.

What can employees learn from working in a team?

Well, the key thing is collaboration, and then there’s learning to respect the ideas and opinions of others even though they may be different from your own.

Also, less experienced team members can learn many useful things from those that are more experienced and possibly have more specific subject knowledge, and existing team members might learn from new team members who have a fresh perspective on a particular matter or issue.

Do you think women tend to help women more or men tend to help men more? Why do you think that?

In my experience, I think both occur; women help women and men help men, but not necessarily one more than the other; a lot depends on the circumstances. And there’s also an element of helping other people who share the same views or objectives as you.

So, for example, if certain people within an organisation want the same outcome they will all work together to achieve this rather than helping others within the organisation who would like a different outcome.

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