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Globalization - Advantages and Disadvantages

The topic of globalization is appearing more and more often in IELTS speaking tests across the world. This is due to the fact that the concept of globalization and some of its effects have been widely discussed and most people are aware of the general ideas and pros and cons related to the process of globalization.

IELTS speaking test questions often ask you to give your opinion, or comment on, for example, how globalization has affected something. This might be culture, food, fashion or as in the case of an IELTS speaking test last week:
    "How has globalization affected the music young people listen to nowadays."

Want to see a list of things you can say about globalization?

Check out some of these ideas which are related to aspects of globalization in order to boost your vocabulary, and maybe get some new ideas on how globalization affects countries and people there are positive, negative and neutral ideas related to the idea of globalization.

Improve your IELTS speaking performance by becoming familiar with some of these ideas and being able to describe how globalization has affected particular aspects of your country’s culture, economy and other aspects of life.

Globalization, and its advantages and disadvantages, affects almost every country in the world now, so be prepared to explain how globalization has influenced certain aspects of life in your country.

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