An environmental Law | Part 2 Topic Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Topic Cue Card Question

Talk about an environmental law you think your country needs.

You should say:
  • What is the law?
  • Why it is important?
  • Would this law be popular in your country?

IELTS Speaking | An environmental law

An environmental law, well, there are so many already, aren’t there? I mean there are already laws and legislation that deal with issues such as air quality, water quality, waste management, environmental cleanup, forest management, and the protection of wildlife and plants, and then there are sustainable development initiatives and various programs for environmental impact assessment.

I can’t really think of a completely new environmental law because most of the main contributing factors have already been regulated – and I’m no environmental expert – but there should maybe more initiative taken in terms of cleaning up inner city smog and traffic pollution.

I know that a lot has been done so far, and reports say that the air is cleaner than it was, but there are still many cities which suffer from poor air quality, or the air quality could be further improved through stricter measures, not necessarily new laws, but just better enforcement of existing laws.

They say that traffic emissions are still one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution - and therefore air quality – so I suppose governments need to adopt more stringent evaluation and enforcement techniques to gain further improvements in this area.

You still see some older vehicles belching black smoke as they drive along, and you have to wonder how it’s possible in this day and age that they haven’t been removed from the road and the owners penalized for causing such pollution.

Then there’s the move to try and encourage commuters to use more public transport rather than private vehicles – but the big problem with this is that public transport doesn’t offer the same degree of flexibility or convenience that private transport such as a car or even motorcycle does.

And then there are the schemes to introduce electric vehicles on the road – but really, they’re so impractical for anything other than a short journey at the moment. If they were cheaper, could travel further and there were more charging stations, like everywhere, then maybe more people would be willing to change their old cars for one of the newer cleaner versions.

So rather than introduce a new environmental law, it’s probably more important to critically assess all the current measures in place to see how they can be improved or replaced with even more environmentally-friendly initiatives that are more effective – after all, a lot of the environmental plans were put in place a long time ago and many factors which affect our daily life, consumption and industry have changed since then.

So revising whether or not the original plans have actually achieved what they were supposed to, and modifying them if necessary, would seem like the obvious route to explore, rather than adding yet more laws or regulations to supposedly protect the environment.

Of course, any new law which costs someone more money, whether it’s a business or an individual is not going to be very popular – but that’s the challenge for governments and environmental agencies – to implement such measures in an effective yet acceptable manner, otherwise people just won’t be willing to accept it.

How would you answer this IELTS question about environmental laws?

  • Which environmental laws are the most effective in your country?
  • Which environmental laws are least popular?

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