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Describe an interesting hobby - IELTS speaking cue card

IELTS Speaking Test Answers | An interesting hobby

Okay, so one of the most interesting hobbies I can think of at the moment is gaming. Some people might not associate gaming with – a hobby – but if you think about it, it’s something you love doing, you do it in your free time, and it’s relaxing, so I think that counts as a hobby – just like fishing or playing a musical instrument.

Anyway, there are different types of gaming (and gamers) but some of the most popular games are played on consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation, for example, and then there are online games which allow you access to even more variety of games.

Typically, each gaming console has its own style of controller, used as the input device, and allows the user to interact with the characters in the game, for example, by using a D Pad to control your character’s movements and actions in the game. Obviously you need a screen of some sort as well to game, and many console games use TV screens to show the game, while with others you can use your computer. If you think of the controller device as the input – then the screen is the output, where you see everything happening. Pressing buttons or moving a joystick, for example, makes the characters on the screen move, jump, and do whatever other actions are involved in the game.

Gaming is fun because it can be social as well, it doesn’t always just involve one person playing, you can play with friends at home using multiplayer video games, or even with other players in other countries around the world using multiplayer online games.
Gaming is done by all sorts of people, from kids to older people (think about online chess which is popular) – there are so many different types of games that anyone can play – it’s appealing to lots of different types of people.

I used to play a lot of FIFA, but not so much nowadays, just because I don’t have as much free time as in the past, but I still love to play video games when I have time, it’s more fun than just watching a movie or TV, for example, because it’s interactive – and some of the games are really addictive as you make more and more progress through various levels or accumulate skills or points – so, yes, I think they’re great fun.

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test question about hobbies? What hobby would you describe? What hobbies are popular in your country? (if you don't have a hobby)Do you still have the same hobby as when you were a child?

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