IELTS 2016 Speaking Test | How can we make elderly people happy? | Part 3 Discussion Questions

Part 3 Discussion Questions

How can we make elderly people happy?

I’m not sure if you can make other people happy, it’s more important to make sure that they are cared for and that they have everything they need. Elderly people are the only ones who really know what they need to be happy.

For example, I was telling my grandmother the other day about a funny video I saw on YouTube, but she wasn’t really interested – do you know what made her happy? It was when I made her a cup of tea and we sat and chatted about her family for about an hour. You know it’s easy to think that the things which we think are important or interesting are the same for everybody – but the truth is that everyone is different.

My grandmother likes nothing better than to talk with her friends and family, she doesn’t really bother with much else, so in her case making her happy means her family visiting often and spending time with her. Of course, maybe for other elderly people it’s different, so it’s really up to them to decide what makes them happy.

What’s important for other people to do is make sure that elderly people are respected, that they are safe, and well looked after – they’ll make their own happiness in their own way.

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