Talk about a person you know who travels a lot by plane | IELTS Speaking Question & Answer

IELTS cue card describe a person who likes to travel by plane
IELTS Speaking Cue Card | A person who travels a lot by plane

Talk about a person you know who travels a lot by plane.

You should say:
  • How you know this person
  • Why he/she travels by plane
  • If this person likes/dislikes travelling by plane
and explain where he/she was travelling to the last time you saw this person.

IELTS Speaking Answer | Talk about a person you know who travels a lot by plane

My uncle is a sales manager for a large multinational company so he does a lot of travelling both nationally and internationally. He flies most weeks at least once maybe even twice to different destinations throughout the country to meet with sales executives and support staff and he also flies to the USA often to attend management meetings at the head office of the company.

He flies because it’s the most efficient way of getting from one place to another quickly. Driving would take him too long and the trains aren’t much better either. He usually only spends one day or maybe two in a certain location and then he’s back home, although sometimes if he has to visit several places on the other side of the country he’s gone for a week or more.

I get the impression he like his job and being in different places, although he has said that the constant traveling can be boring sometimes. But on the whole, he seems to enjoy it – and he’s certainly seen more of the country than anyone else in the family has.

The last time I saw him he was getting ready for a trip to Colorado, in the USA, to attend an important meeting with the management team there - something to do with formulating the sales strategy for the coming year. He was there for four days in total, which was last month. This week he’s away again but not abroad – he’s visiting several sales areas here at home.

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test question?
  • Who do you know that travels a lot by plane?
  • What would you say if you don't know anyone who travels a lot by plane?

IELTS Speaking Tip

If you really don't know anyone who travels a lot by plane - DON'T WORRY! Invent a friend who is cabin crew/air hostess/steward - and talk about them.
  • You know what they do, they serve food and drinks to passengers and you can describe where they fly to in general terms, and describe why they like/dislike traveling by plane.

  • Yes, they are working on the plane - but they are still traveling by plane - so it's still relevant - and an easy way to answer this question if you don't actually know someone who travels by plane a lot.

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