Cambridge IELTS 10 Speaking Test 1 Part 2 Questions & Answers

Cambridge IELTS 10 Speaking Test 1 Cue Card Topic (Part 2)

Describe someone you know who does something well.

You should say:
  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • What they do well
and explain why you think this person is so good at doing this.

Cambridge IELTS 10 Speaking Test 1 Part 2 Answer

Describe someone you know who does something well

My best friend is a fitness nut – she’s always doing something related to fitness in her spare time. In fact some people might even say she’s obsessed with it. But, she’s also very good at it because she has won competitions for her physique and physical fitness.

We’ve been best friends for many years, since elementary school when we first met. She was always good at sports and things like that at school and she played on the soccer team, she also did gymnastics and athletics as well. I remember thinking at the time that she would probably go on to do something fitness or sport related in her adult life – maybe even compete in the Olympics or something similar.

When we were at university together she began to get interested in weight training and physique conditioning. It was actually something we did together for a while, but although I personally like to stay fit I’m not as disciplined or serious about it as she is. I still workout with her regularly – but she’s at a completely different level from me now of course.

Last year she decided to compete in her first physique competition and spent a few months training and preparing for it really hard. She was so disciplined and dedicated to it I was quite amazed – but in the end she won first place in the competition against many other girls who entered – and they were all in great shape. Her ‘obsession’ and passion for what she does is what I think makes her really good at it.

Clearly she had found something she excelled at – and most importantly – thoroughly enjoyed as well. Now that we’ve finished studying she’s talking about doing it professionally if she can find a sponsor and she now wants to become certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist rather than pursue a career in business administration, which is what we both majored in at university.

I’m sure she’ll be successful at it because that’s the type of person she is – when she wants something she just goes out and gets it or does it – she is so determined it’s incredible. I’m extremely proud of what she’s achieved in the last couple of years because I know it hasn’t been easy and I think many people would’ve given up – but she didn’t, she never does.

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