IELTS 2015 Questions about Body Language

IELTS Body Language Speaking Questions
IELTS Speaking Questions about Body Language

IELTS Speaking Topics | Body Language

Here are some examples of questions about body language and communication from a recent IELTS speaking test, sample answers are provided to give an idea of possible ways to respond to these types of questions.

Do people in your country use body language?

Yes, all the time. It might be a hand gesture or simply bowing the head or nodding, crossing your arms or rolling your eyes. There are so many different gestures or attributes of body language which can transmit some kind of message to other people around you or to people you are meeting.

Can we communicate without words?

Absolutely, to a certain degree, we can point and indicate physically the position of something, we can use pictures to communicate an emotion or message and some kinds of non-verbal communication are universal such as art, dance and the like. Communication is possible without words, but it may be more difficult to communicate as accurately – that’s one of the big advantages of using words.

Is there a particular form of body language that you find offensive?

Generally speaking, no, but there are certain hand gestures which you see some people using which are offensive in certain circumstances, but you normally see them used in anger or as part of a heated dispute. Personally I’ve never been in a situation where another person made an offensive or obscene gesture like that to me, but I suppose if it did happen I would not feel very good about the situation or the other person.

Do impatient people get their way?

Sometimes they do, but a lot depends on the circumstances. You can sometimes see people pushing through crowds or driving too fast because they are impatient and they do appear to make faster progress than those who just go along at a normal pace. However, in other case, for example, when people are waiting in a line in a bank or similar place, being impatient does not make the line move any faster and in fact impatient people can be very annoying for other people in such circumstances.

Is it possible to be too nice?

Absolutely, I have a friend who is sometimes too nice for her own good. She never wants to upset anyone else and always wants to please other people by being nice. It may sound okay but the problem is that some people take advantage of her niceness because they know that she will never cause a scene or be difficult with them, so it’s not good for her sometimes. I believe that you can be nice but you also have to be able to stand up for yourself when you need to.

How would you answer the IELTS speaking test questions above?

  • What examples would you use?
  • How would you describe some of the common gestures people use to communicate in your country? What do they mean?
  • Is there any body language or gestures which are considered offensive in your country?

Good luck with your IELTS Speaking Test!

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