IELTS USA Speaking Test Part 3 Questions and Answers

Here are some examples of Part 3 discussion questions asked in a recent IELTS speaking interview in the USA last month.

IELTS USA Speaking Test Part 3

Is it necessary to be well-informed?
It might not be absolutely necessary but it’s probably better than being ignorant about what is happening or going on in the world around you. Everybody is always talking about how globalization affects everyone and everything so it makes good sense to know what’s happening in the world because it can affect lots of different things. Obviously it’s impossible to know everything about all the events that are happening, but you can certainly keep up with the main ones that are happening just by spending a little time watching the news.

What is the best way of acquiring information? Why?
That will probably depend on where you live and what kind of information you need or want to access. If it’s general information, like news, opinions or statistical data, most people would say the internet is the first place to go, but if the information is highly specialized there may be special reference libraries or databases which you need permission to access. But if you live in a remote area where there is no internet service then the best method of getting information might be a newspaper or the radio.

What do you think about knowledge quizzes on TV?
They can be fun and informative or educational at the same time. They’re probably better than some of the other types of programs which get broadcast on TV regularly; at least people can learn something from quiz shows. There is usually a good range of different quiz shows too; some of them are based on general knowledge and others just on one particular topic or theme.

Is it necessary to be aware of the general issues around us?
It’s not essential but it’s good to be aware of current issues affecting society and the world or even just locally where you live. While some things which happen in the world may not directly affect you or your life, having an idea of the big picture – what’s going on in the world – is a good thing and personally I find it quite interesting to see some of the changes taking place, for example, at the moment there is a lot happening globally.

Do you think internet sources provide reliable information?
A lot depends on the sources, but in general the internet provides enough sources so that you can cross reference and make sure that most information is correct. For example, Wikipedia is compiled collaboratively but other sites produce their own content using their own experts.

However, if you’re looking for something simple then you only need to check a couple of sites and you can be pretty sure that the information is correct. If you want to, or need to make sure that something is very accurate then you can reference various different online sources until you are sure of the facts. That’s the best thing about the internet – the quantity of different sources - so you can always check information or get both sides of an argument.

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