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IELTS Speaking Test Questions with Answers

Here are some IELTS speaking test Part 3 questions asked in an IELTS speaking test in the UK last week.

IELTS Part 3 questions about mobile phones, technology and maps

What age group do you think is interested more in mobile phones? Why?

Interested? I guess it would be younger people probably late teens to late twenties who would be most interested in mobile phones. While people of all age groups use them, I believe that younger people pay more attention to the latest features and apps that smartphones come with and older people just use them for calling or texting without thinking so much about if they have all the latest features or apps loaded.

Do you think the technology will make international travel unnecessary? Why?

Yes and no. It might someday make international business travel less necessary or common than it is at the moment, because there are so many business internet services and applications available these days, but I don’t think that technology will replace what people like about traveling to another country when they are on vacation. That whole experience of seeing and experiencing a different place and culture is very difficult to replicate using only technology.

Do you think translation applications on mobiles will make learning another language unnecessary?

They might, but it’s probably more likely that we will learn to use more languages naturally in the future as we integrate more and more with other people from different places. We may never become perfect at speaking all the languages, but we might become competent at speaking five or six different languages, those of the people we interact with on a regular basis either for work or pleasure. Translation apps on mobile phones would probably work well in situations where you have no idea of the language and need simple instructions and directions, maybe if you are visiting a country for a few days only – then a simultaneous translation app on your phone might be extremely useful.

How often do you use maps? Why?

Honestly, almost never. I can’t remember the last time I actually needed a map. Usually if I go someplace I don’t know I use the train or bus or just take a taxi so I don’t usually need to use a map.

Do you know how to use them well?

Well, I used to be able to read a map well when I was a child. I used to go hiking with my grandfather and when we went to a place we’d never been to before we would always check the map. Nowadays though I just don’t need to do it as a regular activity – but I could probably use one again easily if I needed to find a place.

What do you prefer, using maps or asking people for directions? Why?

I don’t have a problem asking for directions and most people seem to be happy to help you find a place. Overall, I think it’s quicker just to ask someone than try and navigate around a strange place on your own only using a map.

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