Doing things together as a family | IELTS Part 3 speaking questions

Part 3 IELTS Speaking Test Questions | Doing Things Together as a Family

How often are you together with other members of your family?

Almost every day, I usually eat breakfast with my mother and sometimes my father is there if he hasn’t already left for work. Then in the evening we usually eat dinner together and that would include my sister and brother as well as my parents so we are together at least once every day normally.

When do you get together with other members of your family?

More often than not it’s at meal times, usually in the evening when we eat dinner. At weekends we may spend more time together as we usually have lunch and dinner together if we aren’t out somewhere.

What sorts of things do the people in your family do together?

We eat together as a family and I like to go shopping with my sister. My parents do lots of things together, they go out dancing, they take vacations together without us sometimes but usually once a year we all get together as a family and go on vacation for a week.

In your country, what sorts of things do people do together as a family?

Generally, people spend time together at weekends. Lunchtime is an important event for many families as it may be the only time that grown up children visit or extended family members come together to share some time in the family house. Family get-togethers usually revolve around food, lunch or dinner, and of course then there are special occasions such as birthdays and when someone graduates from university. Just last week we had a family get together to celebrate the birth of the family’s first grandchild…. My older sister’s first baby, it was a wonderful day.

What do you think are the benefits of doing things together such as walking in the street together as a family?

Firstly, I think it’s nice to do things together as a family, even just walking along together, it helps keep the family together just like any relationship when you share experiences and memories. Sometimes the simple activities like walking or going shopping together can be fun and relaxing and it also gives families a chance to talk or discuss things between them.

Do people do things together as a family when you have festivals in your country?

Yes, normally if it’s a religious festival or special day then parents won’t be working so they spend their time with their children… if they’re young ones. They might go to church or an event related to the festival or they may plan to take them out someplace special or do some kind of activity together to take advantage of the extra free time together. Even when children have grown up… they’ll usually visit and spend time with their parents if they can to celebrate the day… if it’s a special day or an important holiday.

Do people do things together as a family when you have holidays in your country?

Yes, generally, families will plan to spend some time together. Maybe it’s not always possible to travel to visit if children are grown up and living in another part of the country but especially if the holiday falls on a Monday, the long weekend makes it easier to plan a trip to visit other family members. They might plan a special day out or simply plan to spend the day with their family at home.

How would you answer these IELTS speaking questions about doing things together as a family?
  • What activities do you like doing with your family?
  • How do you normally spend weekends with your family?
  • Who in your family do you normally spend most time with? Why?

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